Hi, I’m Brian Jeffrey,
a.k.a. The Sales Wizard.

Why this website…

This is my last “hoorah,” my digital legacy. After more than 50 years in sales, sales management, sales training, and sales management consulting, I’m hanging up my wizard’s hat.

Over that time, I have written 20+ e-books and more than 160 articles, and authored “The Sales Wizard’s Secrets of Sales Management” (The “Book”, see below) as well as the “5-Minute Sales Trainer.” I didn’t want all those resources lost when we shut down our last business (Quintarra Consulting). Hence this website.

Call it what you will – my desire to be of benefit to mankind, (well, sales mankind), wanting to help harried sales managers, or just an oversized ego – but here are a number of resources to help you be even better at your chosen profession, be it sales or sales management.

“Successful salespeople do
what unsuccessful salespeople
are simply unwilling to do.”

The “Book”

Here is the updated, 2022 edition of “The Sales Wizard’s Secrets of Sales Management.” It’s full of common sense tips and techniques for managing the small business sales force.

The “Book” is primarily intended for sales managers, salespeople aspiring to become sales managers, business owners, and anyone who is tasked with the challenge of managing salespeople.

Like selling itself, these sales management “secrets” are timeless and every bit as applicable to today’s fast-paced world of sales. They are your keys to becoming an even more effective sales manager.

The original book was published in 1995. Around 2011, I decided to update each chapter and make them available as separate e-books. (They are still available as such, see the column on the right). The newly published 2022 edition of the The Sales Wizard’s Secrets combines all these updated chapters into one book that is available on Amazon (here).


Most of the articles are a result of my documenting the solutions to challenges my clients were having. Other articles are simply opinion pieces or Wizard gems that I thought were worth documenting.

On the “Articles” page you will find over 160 of these “gems” broadly categorized under three categories:

For Sales Managers
For Salespeople and
On Hiring Salespeople

Each of those three categories have several sub-categories, as you will see on the Articles page.

I welcome your comments, thoughts, or questions. Use the Contact Me page to reach out to me. I’m in my 80s now so it’s best to contact me sooner rather than later. 😊

E-Books for Salespeople

Like the e-books for sales managers, these are tightly written and chock full of good information designed to help you sharpen your selling skills. Click on a title to download the PDF.

World’s Shortest Sales Course
Conquering the (Dreaded) Price Objection
How Your Personality Impacts the Sale
Primer on Major Account Selling
Time Management Tips for Salespeople
Warming Up Sales Calls
Sales Call Self-Coaching Checklist

Be a “Pro.”

Professional salespeople never stop learning and refining their sales skills. They don’t just make a living in sales, they make a difference… to their company, to their customers, and more importantly, to themselves.