Hire for Attitude.

Seasoning is great “on” food and “in” people! One of the things employers often look for in a sales candidate is past sales experience and “seasoning.” However, sometimes when you hire one of these seasoned pros, they come complete with complacency.

In sales, like in many things, attitude counts. I don’t ever discount a salesperson’s enthusiasm. In fact I look for it. Over the years, I’ve found that it’s often better to hire an inexperienced but enthusiastic salesperson than a laid-back, seasoned one.

Like enthusiasm, I value experience in a salesperson. Sometimes the seasoned salesperson comes equipped with blinders on and doesn’t easily accept or try out new ideas. This complacency can be the kiss of death in today’s fast-moving sales world. Examples of this are those salespeople who are unwilling to embrace or experiment with social media and different networking opportunities to find new business. The blinders limit their view.

To hire an experienced and well-seasoned salesperson with a poor attitude is to hire a problem.

Remember the old axiom,

“Hire for attitude and train for skill.”