Get Sales Candidates to Check You Out

Smart salespeople will do their due diligence when they’re looking for a sales job, but it doesn’t hurt to present the less-than-smart ones with a bit of a challenge.

Here’s what you can do. In your recruiting ad, briefly describe your company’s work environment. Suggest that salespeople visit your web site to check you out and then send you an email as to why they feel they’re a perfect fit.

Just add something like this to your ad,

    Applicants are encouraged to visit and send us an email with your reasons why we should hire you.

Keep in mind that if the candidate can’t figure out why you should hire him, you’ll have the same problem.

Doing this gives you a chance to see if the salesperson understands who you are and what you do. This helps weed out all the salespeople who either just need a job and apply for everything, or those who are only applying because they don’t like where they are now. For those people, the extra work isn’t worth the effort.

It might also help to shorten the pile of useless resumes that you must wade through.