The Sales Wizard’s Reservoir of Resources

As we migrated over the years from Jeffrey & Jeffrey Associates to SalesForce Training & Consulting Inc, to SalesForce Assessment Ltd, and finally to Quintarra Consulting Inc, we developed a number of sales tools that have stood the test of time. Click on the title to download a copy.

Coaching Checklists

Sales Call Self-Coaching Checklist
To assist salespeople conduct a self-assessment after a sales call.

Sales Managers Coaching_Checklist
A comprehensive coaching checklist that includes instructions on how to “curb-side coach.”


How Your Personality Impacts the Sale
A comprehensive overview of personality and how adjusting your personality style may save the sale.

Personality Instrument
An easy-to-use instrument to assist in determining your personality style. A companion tool to the above overview.

Compensation Issues

Are Your Salespeople Overpaid
A thoughtful article on what you should probably be paying your salespeople along with some clear guidelines.

Compensation Cost Guidelines
A companion to the above article.

Compensation Plan Issues
Key issues that need to be addressed when putting together a compensation plan.

Compensation Issues – Questionnaire
A comprehensive checklist to ensure that your plan covers all the bases.

Compensation Plan Checklist
Another checklist to help avoid potential lawsuits when parting company with a salesperson.

Recoverable Draws
A short article on the dangers of recoverable draws and how to avoid the potential pitfalls.

Hiring Tools

Hiring Interview Toolkit
Everything you need to conduct a complete, professional and thorough sales interview.

Developing Selection Criteria
A handy form to help define what you are looking for in a new sales hire.

Sales Position: Reference Checking Questions
Conducting reference checks is different for salespeople. Here’s some help.

Telephone Pre-Qualification Interview
Here is what you need to be asking before a candidate shows up for a face-to-face interview.

Initial Face-to-Face Interview General Questions
This document will help you professionally structure that first meeting with a new potential salesperson.

Second Face-to-Face Interview Sales-Based Questions
For use with a person’s second hiring interview. More sales-oriented questions. May be combined with a Simulated Sales Call and/or Mini-Competency Quiz (see below).

Sales Management Interview Questions
15 must-ask question to use when hiring a person for a sales management position.

Subjective Assessment – Other Considerations
A thoughtful chart to assist you in determining how you “feel” about a candidate.

Mini Competency Quiz
Here are 10 questions (along with answers) that you need to ask a potential salesperson to determine if they really know how to sell.

Simulated Sales Call
The best way to determine if a person can sell is to get them to actually show you that they can sell. This exercise comes complete with instructions on how to conduct a proper simulated sales call. Also an excellent role-playing tool for sales meetings.

Hiring Interview Role-Playing
A less detailed version of the above Simulated Sale Call but worth having as a resource.

Extra Stuff

How to Determine Sales Quotas
A short article to assist in setting sales quotas for your team.

Sales Territory Transition Plans
Transitioning a sales territory from one salesperson to another can be a challenge. Here are a few ideas that may help.

Sales Professionals To-Do List
A handy-dandy form to help salespeople stay on top of their game.

Professional Manager’s To-Do List
Same as above but re-titled for managers.

Daily Sales Activity Report
A form that is intended to help salespeople get and stay organized. If nothing else, it may give you an idea or two to help develop your own system.